After years of wearing a toy mood ring instead of “grown-up” jewelry, The Lake & Stars lingerie designer Maayan Zilberman started photographing her hand wearing a mood ring wherever she would go, as a diary that would journal expression and experience; a subtle meter of moods tracked in color according to body temperature.
Launching Radar in 2013 for friends and followers asking for their own mood rings, Maayan decided to design new renditions of the “hippie” accessory in settings inspired by race cars, military watches, ‘70s architecture, and medieval metalwork. With help from her friend Gina Correll Aglietti, a jewelry expert, they developed and produced all of the fine metal pieces in Los Angeles where each piece is made by hand.
Styles range from a dainty ring for everyday (No1) to RADAR's most popular unisex silver/brass combo (No2), and the large stone cocktail ring (No3). Rings are available in both mens and womens sizes.
Campaign images: 
Photography - Tom Hines Post - Michelle Lueking Models - Caroline Polachek, Ilirjana Alushaj, Karley Sciortino, Raye Levine, Lyndsay Sherwin, Brian Patrick Hill, Sheldon Hirshon, Rayne, Doc (the Persian Ragdoll)
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